Administrator's Award

The SLMSSENY Administrator's Award recognizes an administrator who has been responsible for initiation, maintenance, and/or the improvement of a School Library Media Program in the SLMSSENY region during the past three to five years or longer. The winner will be recognized on the SLMSSENY website and invited to join us for the Rip Van Winkle Brunch in May where a plaque will be presented as thanks for his or her efforts.

Application Procedure

Complete the form below.

Please email all supporting documentation to

Review and Selection Process

Each application will be evaluated by a blind selection process done through a set committee of Executive Board Members.


The nominated administrator has been supportive of the School Library Media Program of his or her building or district. He or she can be an elementary, secondary or district wide administrator.


Submit a statement of 500 to 750 words describing how the nominee has supported and promoted the School Library Media Program in your district or building. Be as specific as possible. In the statement be certain to address such considerations as those provided below. Documentation (photos, videos, etc.) supporting your statement is welcome.

Submit copies of your Library Media Center’s budgets from the past 3-5 years, if the nominee is a building level administrator.

Criteria to Consider

  1. Administrator's demonstrated leadership in promoting the library program to staff, students, and community.
  2. Administrator's approach to the instructional role of the library media specialist.
  3. Changes under the administrator's leadership? Ways in which the LMS has been a partner in this process?
  4. Consider the adequacy of the facilities and resources and their ability to provide an environment conducive to learning.
  5. Sufficiency of staff to implement a variety of services to students and faculty.
  6. Does he/she provide professional growth and development opportunities for the Library Media Specialist(s)?
  7. Is there an on-going, continuous evaluation of the Library Media Program?
  8. Is there a well balanced resource collection? Has there been ongoing financial support for collection development? in what way(s) does the administrator demonstrate support of collection development?
  9. Describe the technology integration the administrator has encouraged and supported.
  10. Is the budget sufficient to provide an outstanding, robust program?
  11. Are all resources needed to support the educational program available, and are they organized for easy accessibility?
  12. Is there adherence to the Library Bill of Rights and the district's materials selection policy?