Gold and Silver Vendor Presentations

Friday, May 1st 4: 00-4:45


Gale Cengage

Plaza B 
A look at Gale digital resources, the tools within them, and how they can be used to further support instruction in the classroom.
Gale resources provide teachers with digital content to support the Common Core and move beyond textbook-centric instruction. An overview of Gale’s classroom portal CLiC Classroom in Context will also be covered. CLiC enhances student engagement, provide teachers with current digital content, and help school administrators make the transition to digital curriculum. See you at the Gale session!!


Hudson ABC
Intelligent Mistakes and Differentiated Learning
Mistakes. Students are supposed to learn from them - but how? We’ll take a closer look at why their errors are actually intelligent and how we can remodel “active” learning into learning for transfer. Then we’ll see how NoodleTools can scaffold students’ path from novice to expert, ethical researchers.


Plaza 1-2 
ScienceFlix is comprised of more than 4,500 Digital Science assets that cover six areas of study: Earth Science, Space Science, Life Science, Health and Human Body, Physical Science and Technology and Engineering.
With its emphasis on the latest STEM thinking and the Next Generation Science Standards, ScienceFlix provides students with a better understanding of science concepts and ideas through hands-on projects, videos, multiple text types, and so much more.



Plaza 3-4
Flocabulary is Educational Hip-Hop
Referred to as the most engaging educational tool on the planet, at its simplest, Flocabulary is the "Schoolhouse Rock" for today's kids. At its most complex, Flocabulary is a revolutionary, cross-curricular, standards aligned resource for raising test scores and inspiring students to love learning. Come to this presentation for an introduction to Flocabulary and to learn more about Flocabulary's partnership with NYLA/SSL.


Sleepy Hollow Room
How do we integrate your library into all facets of your building?
A demonstration of how AV2 books and new Ebook technology can lead to effective learning. Raising awareness of how impactful our librarians are within a school building or community is essential. We look forward to providing details on the following ideas:
1) Unlimited usage & life-time subscription Ebooks that can be used directly in classroom instruction (Guaranteed circulation)
2) New media enhanced books bring activities and videos into classrooms
3) Faculty book reviews allow us to promote your library and expose books to faculty & principals
4) Your books can help the building use SmartBoard technology more effectively.
We can help you elevate your library right away. We look forward to sharing ideas and experiences with you!